Chic Mens Bracelet Hip Hop Jewelry Crystal Rhinestones Diamonds Cuban Gold Plated Link Chain Necklace 20 cm
Chic hip hop gold bracelet chain for individual decor! Made from alloy with gold plated process for durable use and chic looking, designed with rhinestone crystal ornaments,  this necklace is not only perfect for decoration, but also a nice gift for your family or friends. You can displays your unusual style through this unique pendant. Nice costume accessory for hip hop dancers or singers or who love hip hop culture.
- Color: Golden
- Material: Alloy
- Length: 20 x 1.5 x 0.5 cm/ 7.87 x 0.59 x 0.2 inch (LxWxH)
- High quality with fine workmanship for durable wear.
- The crystal diamonds give it a rather luxurious look with a touch of elegance and chic.
- Super gloss. Gold electroplated finishing makes this bracelet look like a real gold chain.
- The unique and creative bracelet chain will immediately put you in the spot light in any occasion.
- Perfect ornaments for hip-hop singers and dancers as well as enthusiasts. Popular pendant jewelry by men.
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