3 Sets XIPOO Space Series XP95001 XP95002 XP95003 Super Radar Chariots Educational Building Block Toys
XIPOO building Block are perfect educational gift for children. They can either follow the instruction manual to assemble the bricks or develop their own imagination to build the shape they like.

Include car series 3 sets: XP95001 super chariots XP95002 universe chariots XP95003 radar chariots.
A perfect educational gift for school children that will never go out of style.
Instruction manuals are available for introducing how to assemble this educational bricks.
Every step helps the children think about the subject from the color shape space structure and so on.
The parts can be freely organized and assembled into more innovative new subject.

Brand: XIPOO
Model: XP95001 XP95002 XP95003
Suggested Age: 6+
XP95001 Super Chariots pieces: 19pcs
XP95002 Universe Chariots pieces: 23pcs
XP95003 Radar Chariots pieces: 27pcs
Material: ABS
Educational Focus: Creative Thinking
XP95001 Weight: 17g
XP95002 Weight: 14g
XP95003 Weight: 14g

Note: There is no light on the real object.

Package information:
Package size: 11.0 * 10 * 7.0cm / 4.3 * 3.9 * 2.8in
Package weight: 92g / 3.2oz
General box package

Package list:
1 * XP95001 Building Block (19pcs)
1 * XP95002 Building Block (23pcs)
1 * XP95003 Building Block (27pcs)
1 * XP95001 Manual
1 * XP95002 Manual
1 * XP95003 Manual
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